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About Me


'Mr. Cherry' YOshitake

Mr. Cherry is a Japanese comedian, who is known for having the most Guinness World Records in Japan. He currently holds 21 world records, including the “Most walnuts crushed by sitting down,” and “Most underpants pulled on” just to name a few.

In 2013, he broke the Guinness World Record for “Most walnuts crushed by sitting down” on CBBC children’s TV show, titled “Officially Amazing”. He has been featured for 7 consecutive seasons, in which the show has been nominated a number of times by the BAFTA, and RTS – Scotland Awards.

He was introduced by a mass of TV shows, since he is the first Japanese to hold the most titles, surpassing even world-famous Japanese athletes.

As a Japanese game show master, his endeavors to break new records are being noticed around the globe. After 100 episodes of “Officially Amazing”, he has returned conquering Rome!

Where will he go next to break new records?



Date of Birth: 1980.10.3

Nationality: Japanese

Height: 179cm / Weight: 90kg

Language(s): Japanese / Japanglish


Mr. Cherry's World Records

Mr. Cherry's World Records

Current Records

  1. Most walnuts crushed by sitting down in one minute = 115 walnuts

  2. Most walnuts crushed by sitting down in 30 seconds = 48 walnuts

  3. Most marbles moved with chopsticks in one minute = 43 marbles

  4. Most baked beans eaten with chopsticks in one minute = 71 beans

  5. Fastest 50m running on all fours (backwards) = 20.45 seconds

  6. Most desk call bells rang with the chin in one minute = 113 times

  7. Most hair clips in a wig in 30 seconds = 66 clips

  8. Fastest 20m relay balancing a balloon on the face (team of two) = 19.77 seconds

  9. Most apples bobbed in one minute = 37 apples

  10. Longest duration to spin a fidget spinner on the nose = 8 minutes 49 seconds

  11. Most drink coasters flipped and caught with chopsticks in one minute = 47 coasters

  12. Fastest time to move 5 egg yolks with chopsticks = 51.61 seconds

  13. Fastest 10m backwards walk alternating toe and heel = 15.87 seconds

  14. Most over and under ball passes in 30 seconds with two people = 20 passes

  15. Most sticky notes stuck on the body in 30 seconds = 33 sticky notes

  16. Most underpants pulled on in one minute = 36 underpants

  17. Most dried peas moved using a straw in 30 seconds = 29 peas

  18. Most shuttlecocks caught with chopsticks in one minute = 40 shuttlecocks

  19. Most marshmallows propelled into the mouth with a pillow in one minute = 17 marshmallows

  20. Longest time to dunk a biscuit = 5 minutes 17.10 seconds

  21. The most tallest LEGO® criss-cross tower built in 30 seconds by a team of two = 33 towers

PAST Records

  1. Fastest 20m human crab walk / 7 minutes 78 seconds

  2. Most eggs thrown and then caught with the mouth in one minute / 15 eggs

  3. Most times to jump into a pair of underwear in 30 seconds / 11 underwear

  4. Fastest time to burst 20 water balloons with the feet / 15.076 seconds

  5. Most whoopee cushions sat on in 30 seconds / 48 whoopee cushions

  6. Most tennis balls caught in one minute with a boxing glove / 70 balls, this is a pair challenge

  7. Most table tennis serves into a pint glass in one minute / 5 pieces

  8. Most sand moved with a teaspoon in 30 seconds / 210ml

  9. Most water moved by a ladle (spoon) in 30 seconds / 1200ml

  10. Fastest time to sort 30 Jelly Babies using chopsticks / 27.97 seconds

  11. Fastest time to deposit 20 coins into a piggy bank whilst blindfolded / 34.31 seconds

  12. Most marshmallows caught with chopsticks in one minute / 22 pieces

  13. Most jelly eaten with chopsticks in one minute / 663g

  14. Most cream-filled biscuits stacked in 30 seconds / 25 pieces

  15. Most golf balls picked up with the feet in one minute

  16. Most jelly fed to another person with a spoon held in the foot in 30 seconds / 233g

  17. Most wet sponges thrown in the face in 30 seconds / 19 pieces

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Master of Japanese Game Show, Mr. Cherry is a record seeker, always attempting new challenges everyday and anywhere!

Thank you cherry much! 🍒